All new applications must be submitted by the Corporate Member of the NWGC who is sponsoring the new applicant. Contact your sponsor to fill out an application.



* Membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA) is required for acceptance in NWGC. NRA membership may be applied for or renewed through NWGC at time of application.


Membership is limited to 300 members. If a position is available, your application may be accepted at the next regular meeting of the club, being the first Tuesday of each month. If no position is available, your application will be added to the Wait List currently on file. You will be notified in by the club Secretary when your application will be considered.


Membership cards are issued to all paid members. Be prepared to show your card on request. Lending of cards or keys to non-members is prohibited.


At the end of one year a conditional member in good standing or their corporate sponsor must request an applicant’s review for corporate status by attending a monthly meeting. If no request is made within 3 months membership will be cancelled.


Guests may use NWGC facilities only when accompanied and supervised by a member. The member must be present and responsible for their conduct. The invitation of large groups, which might dominate the use of the grounds, must be approved in advance by the NWGC Executive Committee.


Promiscuous shooting is strictly prohibited. All weapons must be fired down range and into constructed backstops only. Use the plinking range for plinking. Shooting at glass targets and shooting after dark are prohibited. All brass is to be removed.


All activities or practices contrary to law are prohibited on NWGC property. Immediately report unsafe conditions or acts of vandalism to the NWGC President.


All gates and buildings are to be locked upon leaving facilities.


Most importantly, remember that this is a member run club.  Anything abused or neglected will have to be taken care of by another member of the club. A little common courtesy goes a long way. We always need help getting the work done around the facilities so if you use the club, think about doing a little work to help maintain at least the area you use most often. Pride in Ownership!