Matches will be held on the following days throughout the summer. Set up begins around 8:00 AM. Registration is at 09:30 AM. Shooting starts at 10:00 AM and goes until it's done (around 1:00 pm). Please show up early and stay late to help set up and tear down.

Calendar of Events

  • May 9 [Sunday]

  • May 22 - 6 Classifier Match - $20 Match Fee [Saturday]

  • June 12 - MN Section Points Match - $25 Fee [Saturday]

  • June 20 - [Sunday]

  • July 3 [Saturday]

  • July 25 [Sunday]

  • August 8 [Sunday]

  • August 22 [Sunday]


We shoot 5 stages, one of which is typically a classifier. Recommended to bring 150 rounds minimum and enough magazines for 30 - 50 rounds of ammunition (recommend 3-5 magazines at least). 

Please register early on the club’s Practiscore page linked below. Due to ammo availability this year, if interest is low for a match, we may cancel. You can still register in person at the match as well.

Match fee is $12.00, payable in cash at the match (see match dates for exceptions)

$5 to shoot a second gun (when practical).

Matches and scores will be posted on the club's Practiscore page:


Club contact: TUCKER KEIHN

tuckerkiehn@gmail.com OR 218-390-6332 FOR MORE INFORMATION
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